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Objet350 Connex

The Objet350 Connex™ is a 3D printing system that jets multiple model materials simultaneously. It offers the completely unique ability to print parts and assemblies made of multiple model materials, with different mechanical or physical properties, all in a single build.

The Objet350 Connex is great for:

  • Printing mid-sized multi-material prototypes

Build mid-sized 3D printed prototypes in multiple materials. The Stratasys Objet350 Connex festures multi-material 3D printing technology, with a mid-sized build envelope.

Comprehensive 120 materials to choose from, the Objet350 Connex turns your designs into stunning, high-precision, realistic prototypes.

3D Print Mid-Sized Multi-Material Prototypes

Using pioneering PolyJet multi-material 3D printing technology, the Connex350 creates stunning prototypes that are amazingly similar to finished products. Printing as many as 14 material properties simultaneously in a single part, to eliminate time-consuming assembly.

With its 350 × 350 × 200 mm build tray, the Objet Connex350 gives you the power to prototype complex, assembled products. Like all Objet Connex 3D printers, it offers outstanding 16-micron, high-resolution layers for printing complex geometries, smooth surfaces & ultrafine thin walls.

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  • Materials
  • Tech Specs

    An unrivalled range of more than 120 materials, including more than 100 Digital Materials created as the model is printed, the Objet Connex350 enables you to simulate diverse mechanical and physical properties, from flexible rubber to rigid; opaque to transparent; and standard to ABS-grade.

    Base materials include:

    • Transparent rigid (VeroClear)
    • Rubber-like (Tango family)
    • Transparent general-purpose (FullCure RGD720)
    • Rigid Opaque (Vero family)
    • Polypropylene-like (DurusWhite)

    Composite digital materials include:

    • As many as 90 digital materials can be manufactured on the fly including
    • Engineering plastics such as Digital ABS Green material (RGD5160-DM) fabricated from RGD515 and RGD535
    • Transparent shades and patterns
    • Rigid opaque shades
    • Different shore value rubber-like materials
    • Polypropylene with improved thermal resistance

    Support material: FullCure 705 non-toxic gel-like photopolymer support

    Material cartridges:

    • Four sealed 3.6 kg (7.9 lb) cartridges
    • VeroClear, Tango family, DurusWhite and components of Digital ABS Green material also available as 1.44kg (3.17 lb) net weight in a 3.6kg size casing
    • Two different model materials loaded
    • Front loading for quick replacement

    Tray size: 350 × 350 × 200 mm (13.8 × 13.8 × 7.9 in.)

    Net build size: 342 × 342 × 200 mm (13.4 × 13.4 × 7.9 in.)

    Layer thickness: Horizontal build layers down to 16-microns (0.0006 in.)

    Build resolution: X-axis: 600 dpi; Y-axis: 600 dpi; Z-axis: 1600 dpi

    Printing modes:

    • Digital Material (DM): 30-micron (0.001 in.)
    • High Quality (HQ): 16-micron (0.0006 in.)
    • High Speed (HS): 30-micron (0.001 in.)

    Accuracy: 20-85um for features below 50mm; up to 200um for full model size (for rigid materials only, depending on geometry, build parameters and model orientation)

    Input Format: STL, OBJDF and SLC File

    Network connectivity: LAN – TCP/IP

    Size and weight: 1420 × 1120 × 1130 mm (55.9 × 44.1 × 44.5 in.); 500 kg

    Print heads: 8 units

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