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With Rubber-like PolyJet photopolymers, you can simulate rubber with different levels of hardness, elongation and tear resistance. Gray, black, white and translucent, Rubber-like material enables you to simulate a very wide variety of finished products, from soft-grip handles to footwear.

The Rubber-like is great for:

  • Non-slip or soft surfaces on consumer electronics, medical devices & automotive interiors.

3D print flexible, soft-touch models

Simulate Flexible Shores in Three Colors

The Objet family of flexible, rubber-like materials includes:

  • Objet TangoGray™
  • Objet TangoBlack™
  • Objet TangoPlus™
  • Objet TangoBlackPlus™
  • Agilus30™

The Objet rubber-like family offers various levels of elastomer characteristics: Shore scale A hardness, elongation at break, tear resistance and tensile strength that make it suitable for a range of applications requiring non-slip or soft surfaces on consumer electronics, medical devices and automotive interiors.

New Superior Rubber-like Polyjet Material

Agilus30™ is the new Stratasys rubber-like Polyjet material ideal for advanced design verification and rapid prototyping. Get more durable, tear-resistant prototypes that can stand up to repeated flexing and bending.

With a Shore A value of 30 in clear or black, Agilus30 accurately simulates the look, feel and function of Rubber-like products. 3D print rubber surrounds, overmolds, soft-touch coatings, living hinges, jigs and fixtures, wearables, grips and seals with improved surface texture.


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