Makerbot Replicator Mini

The Ideal starting point for those whom wish to create small 3D printed objects at low cost whilst leveraging the Makerbot advantage of Thingiverse.

The Makerbot Replicator Mini is great for:

  • Primary School or Secondary Education.

Easy and Affordable 3D Printing

  • Trust in a 3D printer that’s durable, reliable and easy to use
  • Print, manage, and share your 3D creations simply and seamlessly, with free MakerBot software for your PC or Mac
  • Experiment with a wide range of forms, colors, and textures
  • Transform a small desk in your home or classroom into an exciting creative center
  • Remix and customize your creations to create unique gifts for family and friends

Entertaining, Educational, and Useful

  • Reconnect with your imagination and creative power
  • Energise and inspire children’s creativity, while preparing them for the jobs of the future
  • Choose from hundreds of thousands of free, predesigned and ready-to print educational, entertaining, and useful 3D models on MakerBot Thingiverse®
  • Shop for original, educational, fun, and collectible 3D models at the MakerBot Digital Store
  • Spur social creativity at parties, events and brainstorming sessions

Key Features

  • MakerBot Replicator Smart Extruder that’s easy to swap or replace and detects filament absence, automatically pausing your print
  • Monitor your 3D prints via the onboard camera (also great for sharing your print to social networks)
  • Send print files via USB cable or Wi-Fi
  • Use the free MakerBot Desktop software to discover, manage and share your 3D prints
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  • Materials
  • Tech Specs

    PC ABS with Powder-Coated Steel Reinforcement

    Build Surface
    Grip Surface

    Build Plate Leveling
    Factory Leveled

    Stepper Motors
    1.8° step angle with 1/16 micro-stepping

    XY Positioning Precision
    11 Microns [0.0004 IN]

    Z Positioning Precision
    2.5 Microns [0.0001 IN]


    Product Dimensions
    29.5 L X 34.9 W X 38.1 H CM [11.6 L X 13.8 W X 15.0 H IN]

    Shipping Box
    40 L X 45.4 W X 52.2 H CM
    [15.75 L X 17.9 W X 20.6 H IN]

    Product Weight
    9.3 KG [20.5 LBS]

    Shipping Weight
    (Includes Accessory Kit)
    12.13 KG [26.75 LBS]