Objet30 Prime 3D Printer

The Desktop 3D Printer with Unmatched Material Versatility and a 3D Printer with Soluble Support for Design Versatility.

The Objet30 Prime 3D Printer is great for:

  • quickly testing prototype concepts

Providing customers with widest material versatility and improved product realism, the new Objet30 Prime Desktop 3D Printer offers users 12 material options including rubber, rigid, high-temperature and bio-compatible, all in a desktop-friendly footprint. This makes it ideal, among others for consumer goods, electronics and medical-device applications.

Besides its two standard build modes, the Objet30 Prime exclusively introduces a third print option - draft mode, which enables 36-micron layer 3D printing for faster build speeds to quickly test prototype concepts. Customers can enjoy quiet, reliable operation in a small, office-friendly footprint.

Twelve 3D Printing Materials on Your Desktop

Explore new possibilities for desktop 3D printing. Print precise consumer-product prototypes with smooth surfaces and flexible components. Use Rubber material to prototype gaskets, plugs and seals. 

The Objet30 Prime also delivers versatility with three print modes: high-quality, high-speed, and new draft mode, a fast, economical mode exclusive to the Prime. Try out even your boldest ideas in three dimensions, from the moment of inspiration to late-stage design reviews.

Objet30 Prime’s productivity, quiet operation and small footprint will make it a welcome addition to your office.

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  • Materials
  • Tech Specs

    Model materials:

    • Bio-compatible (MED610)
    • High Temperature (RGD525)
    • Rigid Opaque white (VeroWhitePlus)
    • Rigid Opaque blue (VeroBlue)
    • Rigid Opaque black (VeroBlack)
    • Rigid Opaque gray (VeroGray)
    • Rubber-like (TangoGray and TangoBlack)
    • Simulated Polypropylene (Durus and Endur)
    • Transparent rigid (VeroClear and RGD720)
    • Support material: FullCure 705 non-toxic gel-like photopolymer support

    Material cartridges: Four sealed 1 Kg (2.2 lbs) cartridges

    Net Model build size: 294 x 192 x 148.6 mm (11.57 x 7.55 x 5.85 in.)

    Minimum layer thickness: 28 microns (0.0011 in.) for Tango materials; 16 microns (0.0006 in.) for all other materials

    Build resolution: X-axis: 600 dpi; Y-axis: 600 dpi; Z-axis: 1600 dpi

    Accuracy: 0.1 mm (0.0039 in.) may vary depending on part geometry, size, orientation, material and post-processing method

    Size and weight: Machine: 82.5 × 62 × 59 cm ; 93 kg

    Workstation compatibility: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8

    Network connectivity: Ethernet TCP/IP 10/100 base T

    Jetting heads: 2 printing heads; SHR (Single Head Replacement)

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